FAQ from Buyer

Frequently Ask Question from Buyer

1 When will I receive my refund after cancelling an order? Within 14 working days.
2 Can I cancel my order? Yes, you can. However, cancellation is only allowed if the payment had not been confirmed. You may contact our contact center to cancel the order.
3 How do I change the information in my account ? Step 1: At your Account page click on the ‘Settings’ icon. Step 2: Click on ‘Account Information’ at the Settings page. Step 3: Click on the information section that you intend to edit and save the changes accordingly.
4 What if I want to cancel my overseas order? Order cannot be cancelled once payment is successfull. Overseas products fall under the following cancellation policy: 1. If your order has not yet been dispatched from the Merchant, Cancellation is allowed. 2. If your order has already been shipped by the Merchant, Cancellation is not allowed.
5 Are overseas products sold by enche covered by manufacturer warranties? Buyer to check at the product description provided.
6 Do all products have warranty? Only selected item(s) have a warranty which is determined by the  Merchant, please refer the product description.
7 How do I know if my payment was successful? You will see a ‘Payment Success’ icon appear at the ‘Order Received’ page once you have successfully completed your payment process. You will also receive a notification confirming your payment which will be sent to you registered email.
8 How do I know if my Order has been confirmed? Here are a few ways for you to check whether your Order has been confirmed: Email, Payment Success’ notification, My Orders page
9 How can I check my shipping fee when placing an order? You can check your shipping fee on the product page, during checkout or at the product description section of the product page. Shipping fee will be calculated by dimension weight & location of the shipping.
10 If I place an order with items from multiple merchants, how will my shipping fee be charged? Please note that shipping fee is based on your selected shipping option of your parcel from each Merchant. If you have ordered from multiple Merchant in one order, your shipping fee will be based on the selected shipping option of the parcel of each Merchant.
11 Why do some products take longer shipping time? Origin of the product- If a product is shipped from overseas, it will take a longer time to arrive compared to local product. Shipment subject to festive season or nature disaster.
12 My order status says ‘Delivered’ but I haven’t received my item. If your Package has been marked as ‘Delivered’, it may have been received on your behalf by someone else. To see who has received your package, please contact our Customer Support Officer.
13 I have received a defected item, what do I do? You may raise ‘ Refund Request’ within 48 hours of order received date.
14 I can’t track my order on courier tracking page. What I need to do? Please contact our Customer Support Officer with your order confirmation number.
15 Within how long should I inform enche about my damage/defective/incorrect item? You have to get back to us within 48 hours upon receiving a damage/defective/incorrect item.
16 How many day will I receive my refund after returning an order? 7 to 14 working days for payment processing by bank while enche will take 3-5 working days to process your refund request.
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