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Enche Sdn Bhd’s contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility has been the heart of the business. Our main tagline, “Charity Through Marketplace” emphasizes on approaching charity through an e-commerce platform that affects the society, the environment, and all stakeholders. Our revenue-based CSR has values socially responsible from conducting businesses through corporate spirit is expressed in enche’s businesses, operations, and services confirming that enche takes the corporate social responsibility very seriously. enche Sdn Bhd aims to uphold the best practices in all its business operations, and this involves giving back to the community and offering assistance to the needy in society. A comprehensive management approach that involves far-reaching aspects of its business activities on a social, environmental, and economic level.

Our CSR is solely based upon revenue and never taken from marked-up prices. We strive to never forget the importance of CSR within our business environment.